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Boku no Hero Academia 128

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Boku no Hero Academia 128 - After seeing what happened in previous chapter, I will say, the parts at the beginning were pretty good. Not to mention, the parts with izuku & sir nighteye facing off were alright and it was interesting to see just what sir's quirk is and what he can do with that. Plus now that izuku is all fired up and gonna go all out to try and win, I'll be interested to see just what izuku will have to do to win. The chapter makes me wonder why alll might didn't give his quirk to someone with some superb support ability. We can say he didn't give it to mirio cos he didn't know him, his personality and whatnot, but why didn't he give it to nighteye or somebody he knows with an awesome supper quirk and good character. Nighteye is such a badass and his quirk foresight is amazing. His words to izuku were hard but it's good that izuku got motivated due to this. The end was epic. Loved seeing izuku getting pissed off. Also I like that nighteye did not stamp blindly and that he did not get impressed only by words but wants to test izuku.

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