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Boku no Hero Academia 128 - After seeing what happened in previous chapter, I will say, the parts at the beginning were pretty good. Not to mention, the parts with izuku & sir nighteye facing off were alright and it was interesting to see just what sir's quirk is and what he can do with that. Plus now that izuku is all fired up and gonna go all out to try and win, I'll be interested to see just what izuku will have to do to win. The chapter makes me wonder why alll might didn't give his quirk to someone with some superb support ability. We can say he didn't give it to mirio cos he didn't know him, his personality and whatnot, but why didn't he give it to nighteye or somebody he knows with an awesome supper quirk and good character. Nighteye is such a badass and his quirk foresight is amazing. His words to izuku were hard but it's good that izuku got motivated due to this. The end was epic. Loved seeing izuku getting pissed off. Also I like that nighteye did not stamp blindly and that he did not get impressed only by words but wants to test izuku.

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You could read the latest and hottest boku no hero academia 128 Chapter. How will izuku benefit sir nighteye's company or society? Horikoshi is doing excellent work with sir's characterization right now. Can't wait to see how izuku gets the stamp from sir nighteye. I liked midoriya's reaction to sir dissing him as the successor. He didn't fall apart he basically said I am not the same person who takes it like I used to. Ill prove it myself . And he became more determined. It just shows how he has gained in confidence and determination. It reminded me of when he had to talk to his mom with all might there. It's like nothing will stop him now. If you have anything to share regarding boku no hero academia 128 predictions or boku no hero academia 128 spoilers, please leave every of your message at the comment section.

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As of now mirio is everything izuku is but better. A lot of people are saying all might didn't want a carbon copy of himself being the successor, but izuku has being doing nothing but copying all might all this time; as stated by all might himself. Mirio on the other hand has the potential, personality, humility, and passion. Mirio smiley personality is just who he is. Right now it just seems all might only choose izuku because he was quirkless, and since all might was quirkless too he connected with izuku on that aspect. Mirio became strong through hardwork, he worked himself to the bone with his quirk while deku uses his brain to covered for his quirkless situation, deku did the most heroic thing while being quirkless, while others might also able to do the same thing but that just because they have their quirk as their trump cards, if all might was not a quirkless person before he received one for all I dont think he'll able to choose midoriya as a successor, quirkless think different than natural born heroes

Deku is a pure-hearted hero who can't be dissuaded regardless of the odds. He is methodical in his thoughts and abilities. He puts his concern for others above everything else. Even now on this chapter where he was being pressured, what did he do. Did he lament his situation? Did he flounder around wondering what his actual merit was? His mind wasn't even there. His mind is years ahead and he's already dashing towards becoming the greatest hero. He has the world to live up to, the balance of it all, the weight that kept the world in balance was placed in his shoulders and instead of running from that weight, instead of falling under its pressure he keeps enduring it and pressing on.

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