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Boku no Hero Academia 123 - The big three seems cool. That bland face guy is obviously all might previous successor. Am I the only one who gets this super weird vibe coming from ochako like all the time? She overreacts to stuff all the time. And a lot of the time she has a strange look on her face? Like a mad and sad look at the same time? It could be just a strange character "Trait"? But I'm really starting to wonder if she is this traitor? Because if she is the traitor? Maybe the reason she got upset at the beginning about the sports festival possibly not being as important as she thought? Is that she thought maybe she passed on some bad information and the "Big 3" it would be hilarious if they mimicked characters from naruto, one piece, and bleach. That one guy we met is kinda like zetsu. More than 1.8 million votes were gathered for crunchyroll's first anime awards, rewarding the hero of the year, the villain of the year, the best girl, the best fight scene, the best animation, the most heartwarming scene, the best drama, the best couple, the best comedy, the best action, the best opening and the best ending of the year 2016. Boku no hero academia did pretty well and boasts a 1st place and three 2nd places! Izuku midoriya won the title of hero of the year with 32% of the votes Ochako uraraka was runner-up for best girl with 15% of the votes, yielding the 1st place to rem from re:zero (overwhelming majority of 60% of the votes) Deku vs. Kacchan was runner-up for best fight scene with 25% of the votes, behind shigeo vs. Koyama from mob psycho 100 (40% of the votes) Bnha was runner-up for best action with 25% of the votes, leaving another 1st place to mob psycho 100 (36% of the votes)

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You could read the latest and hottest boku no hero academia 123 Chapter. Will izuku & bakugou be able to bridge the gap that is already forming with the classmates? Only thing I couldn't stand was ida's smartass attitude. Especially when I think back on his stain stunt. Good to finally meet the upper class men tho. I can tell from the scars on derp face's hands that he must be a tough customer. If I had to guess, his quirk has something to do with the manipulation of matter. If you have anything to share regarding boku no hero academia 123 predictions or boku no hero academia 123 spoilers, please leave every of your message at the comment section.

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My theory is vaultboy was the potential successor that all might was talking about when we see the flashback about when he was still choosing one. This might explain why he approached midoriya with a bit of sketchiness, along with the plain happy face; I could imagine some beef between the two. I am so hyped. But at the same time a bit worried this is gonna have way too many chars tees for me to remember. Cause I mean there is already the second class. And first years from other schools and now underclassmen, I wanted to see people from other schools and underclassmen for the longest time but now it's scaring me. The cast might get too big. Definitely didn't expect that. I didn't find the last panel of the chapter to look similar to this character but I let that slide. That new girl and guy look interesting too! They have great designs although the new dude(black haired one) kinda gives me aizawa vibes. Overall excited for these new characters. While his body physique is suitable for ofa, I don't see how his quirk could work together with it. Unless ofa completely rewrites his dna, thus erasing his original quirk.

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