Shokugeki no Soma ch.220 - Read Shokugeki no Soma Manga 220 Stream 2 Edition 1 Page 1 online for free. The story involving eishi & terunori was pretty nice and at the same time, it just sucked to see how insignificant terunori was in comparison to eishi. Plus the parts with terunori cooking were alright and after seeing eishi getting into it at the end, I'm looking forward to seeing just what both of these two will create. But besides just those two, I liked what we saw from rindō, as the bit at the beginning gave me a bit of a laugh. Not to mention, the bit at the very end with her was pretty intriguing and I wonder just she will come up with.
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Shokugeki no Souma 220 Release - Eishi is as cold as ice but hey its not his fault. Would you acknowledge a fodder who couldn't even get 1 point on ya? Because I certainly wouldn't and eishi could be bad at names, he could be a face person. I say it would be a chinese theme in the kuga/eishi battle? Green tea?! That's hype and of course kuga would outright think of something first, green tea originated in china! It literally is used loads in medicine and can most definitely be applied to chinese cuisine! Let's not completely remove the possibility of kuga's victory just yet but at the very least I can tell you that he will be acknowledged by the end of this bout, of that I'm damn sure. This is possibly the last confrontation kuga is going to have with eishi (being a 3rd year and graduating soon) so we would be right to assume it's now or never for him in this situation.

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Get the latest shokugeki no soma 220 spoiler pics and summaries here. Catch the latest shokugeki no soma 220 spoilers, Read shokugeki no soma 220 scans Online. Shokugeki no soma chapter 220 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date.  Anybody think megashima is a taishokuya chef as well? Can't help but notice a couple things about him. His chefs attire is casual. Ties his hair back in a bandana like soma and ryo. Waist apron instead of chefs jacket. He has the look of a chef that cooks for a someone rather than himself.

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That last page, rindou is out for blood so bad she changed from a chill, domestic cat into a starving cougar. Wow, the conversation between saitou and megishima is quite interesting. Also the 2nd year interaction. Nice to see more e10 interactions. The green tea theme is interesting. What dish will they both make? Kuga was like: notice me senpai!  At another side, soma easily got senpai's attention.  So tsukasa was already the 1st seat on his 2nd year. Then kikuchi sonoka was the 2nd seat on the same year, I guess? I wonder how tsukasa would 'talk' with the green tea. Also rindou, how would she treat the baby crocodile? Rindo and that crocodile literally have the same expression on their face.

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