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Boku no Hero Academia 131 - The part at the beginning with nighteye speaking with izuku and the others was pretty decent and I found it quite intriguing to see what was said about chisaki. Not to mention, the flashback was really nice and after seeing the sad look on izuku's face at the end, I'll be interested to see just what he will do next. I'm so happy midoriya stays pro-active, yes he has a problem with all might, why were there hidden truths he could not know about? Despite all might and midoriya's relationship and how bonded they are, it's still rocky. And fuck yeah, at him saying ''I'm not saying this as your fan, I'm saying this as your successor'', fuck yeah. His character has obviously developed a lot, you wouldn't hear midoriya from the first 10 chapters say such things, I love his progression. Glad we get to see the class back once more, I swear I'll never get tired of lida's attitude. Nice all might flashback, I'm always in defense of that over exposition, so it's good to see it, plus all might's condition and his reasoning behind wanting to stay the symbol of peace until midoriya showed up.

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You could read the latest and hottest boku no hero academia 131 Chapter. Read Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia 131 Manga in English Online for free and No Registration required for Boku no Hero Academia 131. I think the quirk-based prediction was that all might would refuse to listen to him and keep fighting, and the prediction that he would meet a gruesome end was more of an educated guess nighteye made based on his assumptions and fears of what would happen to all might if he kept pushing himself with his injuries. If izuku does admit to passing one for all, himself wouldn't that lead to trouble since himiko toga did collect his blood during the hero licence arc. So wouldn't the situation lead to who's faster when ingesting a piece of deku's dna because deku may be giving up his powers willingly but does it have a certain condition about if he wants a certain person to ingest it or not.

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I wanted to see todoroki and bakugou's remedial lessons. Well, this is deku's story, so we can't have everything. It's nice seeing class 1-a again. We haven't seen much action from them though. I miss ochako, tsuyu, and kirishima too. I wonder what they're doing during their authorized absences. It's nice to see those three doing their own thing. They're three of the nicest students in the class. They haven't really gotten much action lately. Maybe they found their own internships? That flashback is kind of intense, and that confrontation of deku and all might is sad. Yeah, deku should have a lot questions. And we're back with the all might death flags. It'd be nice trope breaker if all might lives long enough to die from old age. If that doesn't happen, then there's always gran torino who we hopefully can count on to live forever.

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